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Classic Eyelash Extension

Classic eyelash extension

What is a classic eyelash extension?

  For most of us, it’s ‘easy mornings with no rush’ as it has a natural look. Like you’ve got mascara on. So, you don’t have to spend time on makeup in the mornings anymore. Some of us know classic eyelashes as ‘individual lashes’ which are no different from each other. The classic eyelash extension would be the most natural-looking set of all possible lash extensions. Above all, it is usually recommended for people who are getting a lash extension done for the first time.

What does mean 3D volume lashes?

         It is easy to make your eyes look even fuller by adding some 3D volume lashes and transforming the Classic set into a Hybrid lash extension. However, Classic eyelashes are different from 3D-volume lashes. So, what does mean 3D? In other words, it’s a fan made of 3 individual lashes. Classic eyelash extension is done by using single lashes only. The quantity of lashes in a set depends on the number of your natural ones, as every natural lash is covered. That’s one of the reasons why the same set of lashes can look fuller on you than, for example, on your friend. As you both have a different number of natural lashes.

Some of us can say there is no point in getting a lash extension if it has a natural look like mascara on. I’m sure that only a true master can make the classic eyelash extension look neat and beautiful so no one will ever think it’s fake. Considering some of your natural lashes grow downwards and in different directions, the process of getting a classic set could be much more difficult than making 3D volume lashes.

Which eyelash extension to start with?

If you are not sure which set to get, it’s always better to start with classic eyelash extensions. If you will have a look at your eyes after the extension is done and will think that it is not full enough for you, we can always add some 3D volume lashes to it.

You can book Classic eyelash extension, Hybrid, or Russian Eyelash Extension and emphasise the eyes with our Colourful eyelashes.

NOTE: Please, let us know if you require removal with your new set.

How to care for eyelash extensions?

If you will follow all the instructions for caring for your lash extensions, your lashes will remain fuller longer. So, the most important rules are: 

  • keep your lashes dry for 24 hours after the procedure
  • don’t use any oil-based products
  • clean your lash extensions daily (after 24 hours of course). All the oil, sweat and makeup build-up breaks down the glue. Cleaning with lash shampoo daily will avoid lashes falling out prematurely. Check our store.

However, there are so many other reasons for retention like skin type (lash extensions will fall out faster if you have oily skin), bad habits (yes, some people pull their lashes out!), steam (definitely wouldn’t recommend taking hot and long showers), hormones (menopause and pregnancy), medications (taking antibiotics or any other strong medications can affect retention).

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