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Sharpening eyelash tweezers

Sharpening eyelash tweezers

sharpening eyelash tweezers

Sharpening eyelash tweezers

The biggest problem of tweezers manufacturers is that they don’t test the tweezers they make. 1 out of 5 new tweezers needed an additional fix. 
After the research on where I can get my tweezers fixed in Melbourne, I was left disappointed. I only found places where you can sharpen hairdresser scissors or manicure tools. BUT! Didn’t you know that all these tools for hairdressers, nails and eyelashes are made of different metals? So you need a different sharpening tool that suits this particular type of metal. And eyelash tweezers shouldn’t be as sharp as scissors, you don’t need to cut anything with them.
In my opinion, sharpening eyelash tweezers should be done by people who know how to do eyelash extensions, so they know what to pay attention to. 
We understand that all eyelash technicians have different techniques for making lash volumes. We test every single tweezer we fixed and make sure its owner won’t be left disappointed. 

You can post your tweezers by any delivery company and get them back the same way.*

What exactly can we fix

  • Defective factory sharpening
  • The working area of ​​the tweezer can be reduced in size
  • Bent tweezers
  • Fix the grip or compressing
  • The tension of the tweezers (make it “softer”)

What do we need from you

  • Full name, phone number
  • Your fan formation technique, the volume/thickness you work with
  • What you don’t like about this tweezer, what would you like us to fix

How much does it cost

The cost of the sharpening eyelash tweezers service depends on the complexity of the work and is announced upon the fact of the work performed by the master.
An average cost is $10**

How long does it take

Bring your eyelash tweezers today – pick up tomorrow. ***

*Delivery paid by the customer.
**If you bring more than 8 tweezers at a time – you are entitled to a bonus as a free sharpening of 1 tweezer or a discount.
*** Depends on the number of tweeters you bring.

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